Lace mantilla and stretch silk dress with print: Fluo Prisma city by night
Photo © Simona Santelli
Model: Melissa McClaren
Digital design © Chiara Cola

Chiara Cola is an Italian artist working with printing, videos and fabrics design since 2007.
She exhibited in venues in US, UK and Italy including Art Basel Miami, Big Screen Plaza, Brick Lane gallery, Whitechapel gallery, Villa Adriana, International House of the Women in Rome etc.
She collaborated on commissioned projects with a variety of clients including costume designer and 4 Academy Awards winner Milena Canonero, FieldCandy Outstanding tents, Culture Magazine, alongside her own work.

She is also volunteering as European market strategist for Women for Action, a US NGO that produces and advocates media for the purpose of championing women around the world.

"She has a remarkable eye for examining nature's mystical properties. She skillfully captivates life, metamorphosis of its creatures, and is undergoing constant study. She interprets her findings through various forms of media and finally reiterates this onto fabric.
Life and its science is an inspiration for her work."

Julene Allen
from "Interview with Chiara Cola | An Italian digital artist in Rome, Italy"
article published on Women for Action, 29th April 2013.

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