"In the land of the Alien Emperor | by night"
Digital design © Chiara Cola 2014

"In the land of the Alien Emperor | by night"
Digital design © Chiara Cola 2014
Photo © Ben Cook 2014
Stretch tulle shawl

New series of prints featured by Diane Pernet on ASVOF:

Chiara Cola is an Italian digital artist working with printing, videos and accessories design since 2007.
She loves investigating the mysterious interstices between reality and imagination and the inner lives of objects and people: this is how she tries to recount these stories.

Going from prints to videos to textiles seemed like a natural consequence in her work and the match with textile surfaces works perfectly with the images and these mysterious creatures seem like coming to life.

"She has a remarkable eye for examining nature's mystical properties. She skillfully captivates life, metamorphosis of its creatures, and is undergoing constant study. She interprets her findings through various forms of media and finally reiterates this onto fabric. Life and its science is an inspiration for her work."
Julene Allen
from "Interview with Chiara Cola
An Italian digital artist in Rome, Italy"
published on Women for Action, 29th April 2013.

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